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Advanced Training - Digital Methods and Big Social Data

An introduction to Twitter Data Mining, Digital Social Network Analysis and Data Visualisation.

Wed 20th May 2015 | 10am-2pm | Wolfson Research Exchange, Library, University of Warwick


This course provides social researchers with an introduction to mining Twitter for social data, as well as the tools and skills to analyse and visualise their data sets.

Course participants will:

  • Learn to use simple techniques to mine the public Twitter API
  • Learn how to use natural Language Processing Tools to analyse Big Social Data with Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction and Concept Extraction
  • Learn how to use Qualitative software to analyse tweets for co-occurring patterns, topics and trends
  • Extract and format geo-located tweets for interactive data visualisation

Participants must:

Please note that all the software packages linked to are free, or are trial versions. Most universities have the license for the full version of NVivo (though we will be using a trial version here). Although the mapping software, CartoDB, has subscription prices, you can use up to 50MB of web space for free, and for an unlimited time (

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

  • 10am: Introductory refreshments
  • 11.30am: Refreshment Break
  • 1pm-2pm: Lunch

This event is now full. Those submitting a booking form on 1.5.15 or later will be placed on a waiting list.

Travel bursaries of up to £50 are available for attendees not from Warwick University.

This event is now FULL!

Those submitting a booking form on or after 1.5.15 will be placed on a waiting list.


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