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Advanced training 2016-17

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Mixing It Up: An advanced level introduction to mixed methods research in the health and social sciences

Monday 27th February and Tuesday 28th February 2017

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Wolfson Research

Exchange - Room 2

Dr Felicity Boardman and

Dr Rebecca Johnson

Mixing It Up webpage

Booking form

Workshop FULL

2 Methods of Discourse Analysis

Wednesday 10th May 2017

10am to 5pm

Social Sciences building

S0.13 - lecture

S2.84, S2.73, S2.81 and S1.66 - workshops

Professor Johannes Angermuller

Dr Ronny Scholz

Methods of Discourse Analysis webpage  Booking form
3 Introduction to Health Economics

Tuesday 16th May 2017

9am to 5pm

Warwick Medical School - Gibbet Hill Campus

A042 - lectures

B052 - computer practical session (1 to 3pm).

Dr Hema Mistry Introduction to Health Economics webpage  Booking form
4 Communication skills in projects involving direct contact between researchers and participants

Wednesday 31st May 2017

9:30am to 1pm (TBC)

Warwick Medical School - Gibbet Hill Campus


Dr Alba Realpe Communication skills in projects involving direct contact webpage Booking form

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To make a booking, please use the 'booking form' link for the event you are interested in. Please note that each event will have its own separate booking form.

As part of its Advanced Training Programme in 2016-17, the University of Warwick ESRC DTC is supporting 'The Ethnography Circle', a Warwick Business School and IKON initiative. For more information on The Circle and upcoming events connected with this, please see below.

The Ethnography Circle

November 2016—March 2017

Making Waves: the Aftermath and ‘Impact’ of Ethnography

The Circle is a series of informal, multidisciplinary discussions which alternate presentations by leading ethnographers with group sessions where participants reflect on ethnographic research practices. The Circle will run in Terms 1 and 2 of the academic year 2016-17. Participation is open to all Warwick students/faculty and is extended to students from other DTCs. This is the third edition of the event which is organized by the IKON research group.

As hinted by the title “Making Waves: The Aftermath and ‘Impact’ of Ethnography,” this year we will explore exactly what happens when fieldwork concludes. Ethnography takes place through a dialogue between the researcher and those who make up the field investigated in a relationship with unclear consequences.

This important yet often overlooked aspect of ethnography is what we plan to focus on. In five meetings we will discuss how ethnographers exit the field, present their findings to informants and the outside world, and what outcomes might ensue. We plan to draw on the experience of the audience, cases of ethnographers dealing with the (good and bad) outcomes of their work, and the expertise of guests whose work illustrates these issues.


2 November 2016 - Seminar with Chiara Garattini (Intel) [please note this meeting starts at 3.30pm]

7 December 2016 - Group Discussion: Stories of the Ethnography After Life

11 January 2017 - Seminar with Maria do Mar Pereira (Warwick)

8 February 2017 - Group Discussion: The Trials of Alice Goffman

15 March 2017 - Seminar with Anne-Laure Fayard (NYU)

All events are held from 3-4.30pm in the Wolfson Research Exchange in the University of Warwick library.

For information and to register for any of the above meetings please contact: