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DTC Quantitative Methods module 2014/15: Assessment


The module will be assessed via two short pieces of work, these being in each case the application, usually via SPSS, of a statistical technique or techniques to existing social survey data (or some other appropriate source of quantitative social science data).

The first piece of work, to be submitted by the end of Term 1, will involve a bivariate analysis, and will draw upon material from the early-to-mid part of Term 1; the second piece of work, to be submitted by the beginning of Term 2, will involve a multivariate analysis, and will draw primarily upon material from the latter part of Term 1.

The PROVISIONAL submission days and times are as follows:

By 12 noon on Friday 5th December (Assessment 1) and 12 noon on Monday 5th January (Assessment 2)

Where necessary, feedback will be provided with a view to facilitating appropriate revisions that need to be made to problematic submissions.

Assessment 1 specifications

Assessment 2 specifications