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History Networks

History is a large discipline with a presence in most higher education institutions, and many further education colleges.

In order to best support history educators throughout UK, and to supplement our national activities, History at the HEA supported the development of regional and other history networks.



National Networks

Regional and themed networks 

Postgraduate and Early Career Networks

What are Networks?

Networks can be loosely defined as groups of historians from different institutions who share a common geographic region, subject specialism, or career level. They come together to discuss teaching and learning issues with a view to developing and promoting good practice. There is no single appropriate model for a regional or themed network, but rather many possibilities. For example, to share practical ideas for addressing common teaching problems, such as larger, more diverse, classes, non-traditional forms of assessment, personal tutoring, and providing feedback to more students; to offer opportunities for staff development; to explore and evaluate innovations and recent developments in history teaching and learning; to research current practices and develop more scholarly approaches to history teaching; to develop robust quality assurance mechanisms: to share resources and understanding in an emerging subject.

Perhaps most importantly, establishing a regional or themed network need not be time-consuming and the Subject Centre offers practical support.

If you would like further information, contact the network co-ordinators directly (their details are listed on the Regional and Themed Networks page)