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History Pedagogy Bibliography

The History Pedagogy Bibliography (HPB) is a joint project of History at the Higher Education Academy and HistorySOTL at Indiana University. It aims to provide the international history community with an up-to-date, annotated bibliography of the scholarship on teaching and learning, with specific reference to works focusing on teaching history in Higher Education. The bibliography offers users a choice of three databases: general works, history-specific studies, and introductory pieces. Users can then create custom, annotated bibliographies on a variety of sub-themes such as assessment, seminar activities and first-year transition.

Collaboration with the wider academic community is welcomed and if you would like to suggest a title for the database, or assist in creating or updating the annotations of existing entries, please contact Melodee Beals, Academic Coordinator at the History Subject Centre. If you would like us to add a new work to the bibliography, or if you would like to contribute a new or updated annotation, please click here.

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    Although the HPB is an on-going collaboration, History at the Higher Education Academy and HistorySOTL would like to express great thanks to Keith Erekson (History Department, University of Texas at El Paso) for creating the core bibliography on which the HPB is based.

    History at the Higher Education Academy would like also like to thank our other contributors for their efforts in creating and maintaining the HPB.