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Researching Teaching and Learning History in Higher Education

The Centre funded, supported and participated in research to further teaching and learning in our discipline. Details of the projects we were engaged in between 2008-2011 can be found below.



History Graduates with Impact will encompass a range of projects in 2010-11  


The History Virtual Academy (HVA) Project

It's Good to Talk 

It's Good to Talk: Feedback, Dialogue and Learning 

This project showcases and draws together the key work of colleagues to reflect the potential of History graduates: including examples of best practice and innovation in teaching and learning across the UK. Research will include 'The History Passion Project' and 'Assessment of Workplace Learning Project'.

A publication encompassing reports from ALL the projects within Graduate With Impact was produced in August 2011: please visit our publications page for more details.

The Subject Centre funded and supported a second phase of the HVA, which aims to facilitate dialogue and knowledge transfer between the HE and schools sectors, through online collaboration.

Read the FINAL PROJECT REPORT in full in our elibrary.

This project will look at ways to improve feedback to students through an examination of the current state of pedagogic research on the subject followed by an exploration of possible new approaches to deliver feedback, especially focusing on the development of a more structured, strategic approach.

The Centre is participating in the three-year NTFS project.




Hum Box 

The HumBox Project

Teaching Spaces

Spaces and Stories of (Higher) Education:A Historical Investigation 


Teaching International Students

A collaboration between four Humanities Subject Centres (including the History team) and a group of partner institutions to showcase UK Higher Education by encouraging teachers within HE to publish excellent teaching and learning resources in a repository openly on the web. THE WEBSITE AND PROJECT ARE NOW LIVE!

This one year pilot project ran from April 2009 to april 2010: funded and organised by JISC and the Higher Education Academy.

An examination of the historical relationships between pedagogy, curriculum and space in HE institutions, using archival and oral history methodologies. This project was funded by the History Centre and incorporates the use of undergraduate researchers at its core.

The project was completed successfully in June 2010: the final report can be found in our eLibrary

The TIS project aims to make a major contribution to strengthening the UK international student experience - and by extension the international horizons of all students in the UK.

History worked inconjuction with the TIS to produce the briefing report International Students in History: A Comparative Study of First-Year Transition.



Teaching Patterns in Medical History 

Teaching Patterns in Medical History

china books 

Locating and Using Resources in the Teaching of Modern Chinese History at UK Universities  


"The Language and the Sentiments of their Times": Teaching the Language of Historical Text


This project explored the extent to which medical history has become established within the arts, social sciences and medicine, and whether the teaching and assessment of such modules reflects the heterogeneous character of its student cohort.

See the final project report in our elibrary.

Funded by the Subject Centre, this project aimed to collect and collate examples of best practice in teaching modern Chinese history at UK universities: resulting in an open-access guide to locating and using resources.

The Subject Centre funded this project, which aims to demonstrate the importance of engaging with the language context within which primary historical sources are written, and give students accessible electronic means of doing so.

Final project report.