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Aims and Principles

UNTRAP was founded in 2004. The following aims and principles guide the work of the organisation:


  • To support and facilitate involvement of service users and carers in teaching, research and governance
  • To give service users and carers the opportunity to contribute to the training of doctors, health professionals and social workers
  • To support academics in the process of involving service users and carers in their research projects and teaching related activities
  • To give students the opportunity to learn from service users and carers
  • To deliver training courses in user involvement and partnership working for both service users and professionals

Guiding Principles:

UNTRAP members are:

  • Valued for their skills and experiences
  • Always treated with dignity and respect
  • Are paid for their time and expenses are reimbursed at a fair and appropriate rate
  • Adhere to the UNTRAP Code of Practice Are supported with appropriate training and briefing