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Information for academics and organisations

Academics and organisations who wish to involve service users and/or carers in their teaching or research activities can send out a call for involvement through UNTRAP.

Initial requests for user-involvement are to be sent to the UNTRAP co-ordinator, (Dr Judy Purkis) who will distribute the call to all members. For information about the process of sending out calls and advice on what to include in the role description, please contact the co-ordinator by email: or phone: 024 761 51145.

For researchers applying for NIHR funding, information about involvement activities at different stages of the research process can be found here (PDF Document)Information for Researchers

UNTRAP administrative fee
There is no core funding for work associated with creating, maintaining and developing UNTRAP as a provider of services to university teaching and research.

As a contribution towards core funding, UNTRAP charges an administrative fee of £200 from researchers, who request user-involvement.

This covers:

  • Advice on recruitment strategy and role description
  • Distribution of call for involvement to all members of UNTRAP
  • Administrative work involved in the call and support to UNTRAP members involved
  • Advice on all aspects of the involvement process, including roles and responsibilities, payment procedures, and training

For researchers applying for NIHR funding, UNTRAP charges a further administrative fee of £1000, which is to be included in the research budget and paid if a project receives funding. This fee covers that continued support of UNTRAP throughout the project, including

  • On-going support and advice on involvement activities, training needs and payment issues
  • If needed, distribution of calls for involvement for new or additional patient representatives and advice in this process