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Payments of participants

Payments are made to UNTRAP members depending upon the nature of their involvement:

For user participation in research and committee meetings – payments are made to cover an individual’s reasonable costs of participation (excluding travel). This rate is currently £20.00 per hour and is not subject to tax or national insurance.

For teaching - the payment will be determined by the teaching rates of the University and the number of teaching hours undertaken. Individuals will be paid via the University Variable Payroll and payments made will be after the deduction of tax and national insurance.

Where an UNTRAP member is participating in research and committee meetings, an individual may be paid up to £1000 per tax year in total as recompense for their involvement. If the payments exceed this amount, the individual will be put on the University Variable Payroll and tax and national insurance deducted as appropriate.

UNTRAP members should also note that if they take any work that goes beyond participation they may be treated as taking on employment and payments will once again be subject to tax and national insurance. If you have any questions concerning the nature of your involvement, please do not hesitate to contact the UNTRAP co-ordinator.