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Volunteer Forum Tyannosaur - power and domestic violence.

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  1. I'm sure you've probably all seen Tyannosaur... I saw it ages ago but it often pops into my head leaving me once again thinking about how brilliant it was (in my opinion) in it's depiction of domestic violence and abuse. It was really difficult to watch in places, I actually thought I might not be able to watch it through to the end, but I did - although I did have to sit in a dark room and have a little cry afterwards. It's directed by Paddy Considine (ace) and Hannah, the main female character is played by Olivia Colman (also ace). So what's the relevance to GK?! Although it's a very literal interpretation on "power", I think this film explores domestic violence and power in a very sensitive and 'real' way. I suppose it sprang to mind when considering the activism side of our project, and the power theme of course. I really loved that it addressed some of the stereotypes and myths behind domestic abuse - Hannah, the survivor, is a middle class woman (not working class) living in a 'nice' house in suburbia (not a council estate) - her husband is a pillar of the community, liked by everyone - good job, nice car, the perfect husband. Hannah can't speak to anybody about the violence, because who would believe her? I also really like the comments on class (and power) - Hannah builds a relationship with Joseph, a 'working class' man, it's a difficult relationship but a positive one and there are lots of really lovely moments. Interestingly, and I only saw this today... in IMDB's blurb on the film, domestic violence isn't mentioned - the film is described as being about Joseph, and his self descruction and subsequent redemption. Interesting! Anyway, I'll stop going on about this now - it's a beautiful film, if anyone has seen it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! emma
  2. I haven't seen it but I'd love to! Also, Emma, I think this is the kind of thing that would make a great blog post! You could even just cut and paste in what you've got here and it's already an awesome post. :)
  3. Thanks Anna, I was wondering whether I should make a post out of these ideas.... I will do now, thanks for the encouragement! Em x

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