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Colloquium From Ethnodrama to Applied Drama

Colloquium held 18 May 2011, University of Warwick

Chaired by Jonothan Neelands, National Teaching Fellow, Chair of Drama and Theatre Education in the Warwick Institute of Education and Professor of Creative Education at Warwick Business School. He is the Principal Investigator for the Open-space Learning in Real World Contexts project. His research interests include cultural and creative learning, the politics of cultural and education policy-making, teaching in urban settings, the sociology of educational disadvantage and the articulation of a pro-social pedagogy of arts education.

John O'Toole: Ethnodrama: Tensions, Triumphs and Trade-offs

John O’Toole is Professor Emeritus in Arts Education at the University of Melbourne.  He is author or co-author of many standard publications on drama, including the first book on Theatre in Education (1977), Dramawise (1988 - now also in Chinese, Italian and Danish), The Process of Drama (1992), Education in the Arts: Teaching and learning in the Contemporary Curriculum (2008) and Drama and Curriculum: A Giant at the Door (2009) and, with Judith Ackroyd, Performing Research (2010). He has been involved in three research projects with major performing and creative arts venues, investigating the cultural capital they produce, and the real effects on young people and children, in terms of artistic understanding, engagement, learning outcomes and cultural citizenship. He has been for many years involved with research into the educational effects of theatre, including theatre for development in economically developing countries.

Annouchka Bayley: Reflecting On Representing Otherness: Verbatim Theatre in Practice

 Annouchka Bayley is a visiting lecturer at the Birmingham School of Acting, Birmingham City University where she teaches performance composition, devised theatre and storytelling techniques in contemporary European theatre. She convenes the Live Art Laboratory (, specialising in interdisciplinary performance in practice, and is an emerging director with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is currently undertaking post-graduate research at Warwick University in the Dept. of Theatre Studies.

Claudette Bryanston: For the Sake of the Theatre: Passing On, An Ethno-Drama – Learning through Performance about Social, Ethical and Moral Dilemmas of End of Life Care and Dying.

 Claudette Bryanston is Associate Fellow in the Institute of Health, an experienced freelance theatre director and artistic director of Classworks Theatre Cambridge. She has had a long association with the University of Warwick both as a theatre tutor and researcher. She has collaborated with Professor Gillian Hundt on several projects within the Institute of Health and was formally a CAPITAL Centre Fellow in Creativity and Performance when she undertook the initial research on this project.