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Case studies

Designing a learning ecology Designing a Learning Ecology - with Jonothan Neelands, his students, with technologists and administrators.
Live Archiving - Using Evernote and mobile devices to record and reflect on OSL activities.
Live Arhiving
Telepresent Tehran Telepresent Tehran - WebEx video conferencing with Annouchka Bayley and Haleh Anvari.
Unpinning Video Editing - using iMovie with Carol Rutter and Jon Trenchard.
Unpinning Video Editing
Theory Roulette Theory Roulette - a design for an Open-space Learning experience, based on the work of Theatre Studies undergrdaduates.
Mantle of the Designer - an interview with John O'Toole, and a report on John's work combining OSL/ethnodrama, technology and design. Mantle of the designer
idcm2tg-1.jpg 3 Spaces Experiment - comparing three different technology enhanced spaces.
Cosmocampus - an experiment with augmented reality in Theatre Studies. Cosmocampus