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Chemistry and Open-space Learning Case Study

Project Leader: Professor Peter Sadler, Department of Chemistry

Nicholas Barker, Teaching Fellow, Department of Chemistry

Lead learners: Isolda Romero and Louis Noffke, postgraduates, Department of Chemistry

(PDF Document) Project Proposal

The Chemistry department working in collaboration with the CAPITAL centre established an OSL component for the whole of its first year cohort in the academic year 2008-9. This was a workshop on the Famous Chemists and the Periodic Table. When the OSL team inherited this project in 2009 it aimed to refine the existing workshop model, reflect on its success, and develop further sustainable OSL interventions within Chemistry. This was undertaken by gathering and analyzing feedback, incorporating 2 Chemistry PhD candidates as ‘lead learners’ and developing a second workshop series for penultimate year undergraduate students, 'Real World Chemistry'.