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Dr Ken Howells

Ken Howells is a Principal Lecturer in Anatomy at Oxford Brookes, and, with Dr Helen Dawes, runs the Movement Science Group in the School of Life Sciences.
Ken’s research interests are in the biomechanics of walking, particularly in patients with neuromuscular conditions (such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis) and he has always promoted the mutual benefits of undergraduate involvement in university research.

Groupwork clinical science research projects in undergraduate teaching

In this project we are aiming to focus the assessment element of a second year neurology module towards student-directed research involving human subjects, with an emphasis on enquiry-based learning and student awareness and participation in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) methodology. The changes include:-

  • A structured formative coursework stream in Semester 1 covering elements of Research Governance: ethics; protocol development; inclusion and informed consent; safety reporting; monitoring and record keeping.
  • Tutoring in Endnote and compilation of literature databases.
  • Direct experimental involvement in Movement Science Group projects.
  • Learning through practical experience!