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Academic Fellows

Listed below are the Centre's Academic Fellows and their respective projects, with links to their individual profile pages, where available. You can sort the table by clicking on the column headings.

Department, School, Centre, etc.
Project Title
Project Year(s)
Helen Aveyard Health and Social Care Oxford Brookes Review of Pre-qualifying Research Methods Modules in the School of Health and Social Care 2008-10 -Interim_1
Ruth Ayres Learning and Development Centre Warwick Does research-based learning meet its aims and provide 'added value' for those undergraduate students who undertake the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS)? 2007-09 -Interim
Claire Bishop History of Art Warwick Rethinking Spectacle 2007-08 -Interim
Chris Bridle Medical School Warwick Systematic reviews of social, psychological and behavioural interventions for clinical conditions 2007-08 -Interim
Claudia Carillo Technology Warwick Developing research pathways within undergraduate programmes in the School of Technology 2008-10 -Interim_1
Alessia Contu Business School Warwick Performing entrepreneurial ethics: learning business ethics through research activities 2008-10 -Interim
Rosie Dias History of Art Warwick English Perceptions of Venice 2009-10  
Bridget Durning Built Environment Oxford Brookes Audit and Enhancement of research-based activities for undergraduate students across the School of the Built Environment 2008-10  
Gill Frigerio Student Careers and Skills Warwick Reinventing Careers: Student Perspectives on Careers and Employability 2009-10  
Anne Gerritsen History Warwick Reinventing Galleons: Researching Global Connections 2006-08


Milija Gluhovic Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Warwick Hip Hop Theatre and Performance 2008-09

(Warwick University members only)

Louise Gracia Business School Warwick More Problems and Fewer Solutions: A Reinvention of Accounting Education in an Age of Employability 2009-11  
Susan Haedicke Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Warwick Performance, Geography, History: Intersections and Traces 2007-09 -Interim
Mary Hancock Architecture Oxford Brookes Researching the Design of Higher Education Spaces 2007-09 -Interim_1
James Harrison Law Warwick Teaching Legal Skills 2009-10  
Jackie Hodgson Law Warwick Issues of Criminal Justice: an Exploration through Film 2009-10  
Marc Howe Social Sciences and Law Oxford Brookes Enhancing Reseach Capacity, Skills and Experiences for Students in Social Sciences and Law 2009-10  
Ken Howells Life Sciences Oxford Brookes Groupwork clinical science research projects in undergraduate teaching


Richard Huggins Social Sciences and Law Oxford Brookes Developing A Community-Based Research Scheme for Oxford Brookes University 2007-09  
Christina Hughes Sociology Warwick Embedding Undergraduates in the Research-Teaching Nexus: The Case of Money Sex Power in Global Context 2006-08 -Interim
Alan Jenkins   Oxford Brookes The effective adaptation of USA undergraduate research schemes to the UK context 2006-07 -Final
Anne-Marie Kilday Arts and Humanities Oxford Brookes From Students to Scholars: Creating a Framework for Undergraduate Research Excellence in Arts and Humanities 2008-10 -Interim_1
Andrew Kilmister Business School Oxford Brookes Redesigning Courses in the Business School 2009-10 -Interim_1
Esra Kurul Built Environment Oxford Brookes Working with Industry to Create Collaborative Research Opportunities 2007-09 -Interim
Byron Mikellides Architecture Oxford Brookes Architectural Psychology in Action – Experiencing Architecture and Design 2007 -Final
Glen O'Hara History Oxford Brookes 'Blue, White and Green Nation: Britain and the Sea since 1600': Online and Collaborative Learning Using a Wiki 2007-09 -Interim
Michele Paule Westminster Oxford Brookes Leading a working group to develop modules, resources and strategies to support progress in research 2008-10 -Interim_1
Rob Pope Arts and Humanities Oxford Brookes Rewriting Text, Researching Community 2007-09 -Interim
Paul Prescott English Warwick New undergraduate module 'Interdisciplinary and Creative Collaboration: the Faust Project' 2008-10 -Interim
- Final
Peter Ratcliffe Sociology Warwick "Race", Difference and the Inclusive Society: Fusing Research and Teaching 2007-09 -Interim
Andrew Rendell Life Sciences Oxford Brookes Towards the identification of explicit research pathways in the Life Sciences undergraduate curriculum 2008-10 -Interim_1
Christine Simm   Ruskin College, Oxford Knowledge for change: social work students as creators of knowledge 2006-07 -Interim
Paul Taylor Chemistry Warwick Reinventing Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratories 2005-06


Helen Walkington Social Sciences and Law Oxford Brookes Embedding undergraduate research opportunities in the Year 2 geography curriculum at 4 HE institutions 2007-09 -Interim
Nicolas Whybrow Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Warwick Performing Venice: Questions of a Sinking City 2009-10 -Interim
Andrew Williams Law Warwick Experiencing Human Rights: Learning through research 2005-07 -Interim
Caroline Wright Sociology Warwick Evaluating and Reinventing Sociology’s Professional Skills Programme: Research Skills for First Years 2007-09 -Interim