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Professor Byron Mikellides

Byron Mikellides is a Professor of Architectural Psychology in the Department of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, where he has been since 1969, and has published several books and papers on the subject in the UK and USA. The most influential of these being Colour for Architecture (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1976) and Architecture for People (New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1980). He has lectured world wide, and in 2005 he was identified by the international community (IAPS, Journal of Environmental Psychology, EPRG and Laboratoire de Psychologie Environnementale) as an influential figure in Environmental Psychology who has played a crucial role in its history.

Architectural Psychology in Action – Experiencing Architecture and Design

The aim of this proposal is not to reinvent the curriculum by encouraging research in teaching but to reiterate, reinforce and rejoice that such a course has existed here for the past 37 years. The specific aims of the project are to:

  • Write a paper on the experience of teaching this subject and module over the past 37 years, suitable for publication across the HE sector here and abroad.
  • Write a paper suitable for publication in Brooke’s eJournal of Learning and Teaching.
  • Prepare an updated database of the existing students' work over the years to be used for cross-validation and cross-cultural studies. This database will be used to analyse, on a longitudinal basis, the students’ interests over the years with a possible further publication.
  • Prepare a practical Guide to the modular handbook of Good Practice and how to benefit from interdisciplinary approaches and personnel in this institution. This will be produced in close consultation with the Head of Design, J. Stevenson.
  • Produce a digestible CD of the students’ work and exhibition.
  • Organise a reception/exhibition of students work in H. H. Hall in conjunction with Thames Valley Police to be attended by the Chief Superintendent and Architectural Liaison officers. Invite Prof. Bonnett to award certificates on Accessible Architecture. Invite the Lord Mayor, Councillors, Chief Planning Officer, and other dignitaries including local MP Andrew Smith and the Head of School. Link up with architectural offices in Oxfordshire and adjoining counties.