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Dr Paul Prescott

Paul Prescott is Associate Professor in English and Comparative Literary Studies and a fellow of the CAPITAL Centre, University of Warwick. He has taught and acted Shakespeare across the UK, Japan, Australia and the US. His main research interests lie in Shakespeare in performance, theatre history, and the theory and practice of arts criticism.

For more, see Paul's English and Comparative Literary Studies profile.

New undergraduate module 'Interdisciplinary and Creative Collaboration: the Faust Project'

The aim of this project is to design and implement an innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate module. The module in 'Interdisciplinary and Creative Collaboration' will be open to all second year students across the University and aims to marry some of the core principles of the University's two CETLs, the Reinvention Centre and the CAPITAL Centre. In line with the remits of the CAPITAL Centre, the module will further the exploration of the potential overlaps between the process of theatrical rehearsal and creative pedagogy in higher education. It will be delivered through active, practice-based workshops and seminars in open and flexible spaces (such as those provided by both CETLs) and will follow CAPITAL's guiding pedagogic paradigm in which discovery through creative appropriation and teamwork replaces the more traditional model of a one-directional flow of information from teacher to student. Equally, the project aims to respond to some of the key objectives of the Reinvention Centre. It attempts to construct a microcosmic example of 'an inclusive academic community where learners, teachers and researchers are all seen as scholars in the common pursuit of knowledge' ((PDF Document) 'Reinvention Centre Two-Year Evaluation' p.5) and in doing so to promote enquiry-based, creative and open-ended collaboration between students and a range of staff and external experts.

For more details, please see the module website and the interim report (right).