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Professor David Grainger

Supervisor Details

Professor David Grainger

Contact Details

Professor David Grainger

School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

  • Bacterial chromosome biology, pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance mechanisms
  • High-throughput analysis of DNA binding events
  • Single molecule analysis

Work in David’s laboratory is focused on understanding the biology of bacterial chromosomes. Consequently, he is interested in a broad range of biological processes that directly require the interaction of DNA with other cellular machinery. His current research interests include understanding how i) gene regulation is managed on a chromosome-wide scale ii) pathogens control the production of toxins and iii) molecular pathways to multiple antibiotic resistance.

Scientific Inspiration

Lots of other scientists inspire me, for many different reasons.

Research Groups

Grainger Lab

Project Details

Prof Grainger is supervising the below projects:

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