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Dr James Higgins

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J Higgins

Contact Details

Dr James Higgins

Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, University of Leicester

Research Interests

The focus of Dr Higgins’ research is to unravel the mechanisms governing meiotic crossover frequency and distribution in model plants and crop species including Arabidopsis, barley, wheat and rice.

Genetic, cytogenetic and genomic techniques are used to answer fundamental biological questions regarding the function of meiotic genes that ensure correct chromosome pairing synapsis and crossing over to promote balanced segregation of chromosomes into haploid gametes.

One of the outstanding mysteries is how the synaptonemal complex proteins mediate crossover patterning. Dr Higgins and his group aim to further elucidate and translate this knowledge into breeding programmes.

Scientific Inspiration

I was initially inspired by Sherlock Holmes in how the scientific method can be used to solve problems.

Project Details

Dr Higgins is the supervisor on the below projects:

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