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Dr Kayoko Tanaka

Kayoko Tanaka

Contact Details

Dr Kayoko Tanaka

Department of Molecular Cell Biology, University of Leicester


Research Interests

  • Microtubule anchoring mechanism Microtubules (MTs) are one of the major cytoskeletons and secure MT attachment to an anchoring site is essential for cellular activities. The pericentriolar material (PCM) of the centrosome is a prototype MT anchoring site. Its physiological significance is underscored during neural cell development; impaired PCM can lead to brain developmental disorders. We use a tractable model fission yeast to examine cell biological and biochemical properties of PCM.
  • An integrated understanding of RAS-mediated signalling Ras belongs to a conserved group of small GTPases a molecular switch that acts as a signalling hub to regulate cell proliferation differentiation and survival. Since their discovery in 1982 human RAS genes have been well established to carry oncogenic mutations in about 30% of cancers. However the precise molecular mechanism which primes oncogenic-RAS driven tumorigenesis is not fully understood. Our research goal is to reveal the molecular mechanism of oncogenic-RAS-driven tumorigenesis. We use both human cell culture and a powerful model system fission yeast to highlight the key conserved features of the Ras signalling.

Scientific Inspiration

  • Lee Hartwell for his elegant genetics.
  • Trisha Davis for integrating yeast genetics and biochemical structural approaches.

Project Details

Dr Kayoko Tanaka is supervising no projects this year.