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Dr Manuela Tosin

Dr Manuela Tosin

Contact Details

Dr Manuela Tosin

Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

Research Groups

Manuela Tosin Group

RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group

Research Interests

Development of chemical probes/tools aiming at:

  1. uncovering the details of complex mechanisms involved in natural product biosynthesis;
  2. generating novel natural products of improved pharmacological activity;
  3. exploring new sources of natural products;
  4. underpinning enzyme function.

Scientific Inspiration

Marie Curie, for her pioneering and fearless attitude to research

Supervision Style

In a few words or phrases: Detail- and goal-oriented, supportive, organised, collaborative, guiding, inclusive

Provision of Teaching

Your training will be supervised by me and by experienced post docs/PhD students in the first instance, with the expectation that you will gradually become independent at both practical and theoretical levels.

Progression Monitoring and Management

I like to be kept up to date. I will expect to see evidence of method development/data generation results on a weekly basis and I am always available to discuss a plan of action together to help you reach the goals that we agree on together. I have high expectations and will push you to your full potential.


I am always happy to discuss any issues that are impacting your ability to fulfil your potential or my/our expectations.

PhD Students can expect scheduled meetings with me:

In a group meeting

At least once per week

In year 1 of PhD study

At least once per fortnight

In year 2 of PhD study

At least once per month

In year 3 of PhD study

At least once every 8-10 days, depending on need

These meetings will be mainly face to face, and I am usually contactable for an instant response on every working day.

Working Pattern

Work in my lab requires being present in the laboratory during core hours (Mon- Fri 9am- 6pm).

Notice Period for Feedback

I need at least 2 weeks' notice to provide feedback on written work of up to 5000 words.