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Dr Meera Unnikrishnan

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Meera Unnikrishnan

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Dr Meera Unnikrishnan

Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick


Research Interests

Recurrent bacterial infections that are resilient to treatment are a huge clinical challenge. Our research focuses on understanding how bacteria invade and survive our host defence systems. We aim to identify key proteins that bacteria employ to manipulate our cells and to persist within tissues, within biofilms or inside cells, using a combination of cutting-edge molecular and cellular technologies. Additionally, we also study how our healthy microbiota, prevents pathogen invasion. Molecules that are crucial for bacterial survival are excellent drug or vaccine targets and will lead to effective preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Scientific Inspiration

I am inspired by female scientists like Rosalind Franklin and Marie Curie, because of the courage and perseverance they showed in the face of adversities.

    Research Groups

    Unnikrishnan Lab

    Project Details

    Dr Meera Unnikrishnan is supervising no projects this year.