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Professor Suzanne Higgs

S Higgs

Contact Details

Professor Suzanne Higgs

School of Psychology, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

My research is focused on the psychology of eating and the biological mechanisms that underpin the decisions about what and how much we eat. I am particularly interested in the cognitive processes involved in appetite and how social context influences food choice and food intake.

Scientific Inspiration

There are many scientists I admire for their inspirational discoveries but the French neurophysiologist Jacques Le Magnen is important in my own work because he emphasised the importance of studying mind-body interactions in furthering our understanding of appetite

Supervision Style

In three words or phrases: Organised, guiding, enthusiastic

Provision of Training

I will support your technical training at first, leading to more independence later. I like to create an atmosphere where all group members learn from each other.

Progression Monitoring and Management

I will support you in setting your own goals and will aid with trouble shooting and provide advice and guidance at regular supervision meetings. I have high expectations and will push you to your full potential while allowing you the space to develop and learn.


I am open to communication via diverse media (e.g. email/WhatsApp group) as the need arises and to arranging one to one meetings outside of usual supervision schedule for pastoral support. As part of establishing supervision ground rules we will discuss expectations around communications that fit with our work patterns and respect each other’s preferences.

PhD Students can expect scheduled meetings with me:

In a group meeting

At least once a week

In year 1 of PhD study

At least once a week

In year 2 of PhD study

At least once a fortnight

In year 3 of PhD study

At least once a fortnight

These meetings will be mainly face to face, and I am usually contactable for an instant response (if required) on every working day.

Working Patterns

Certain tasks in my lab need to occur at set times, and students need to be able to commit to a rota/timetable shared with other members of the team.

Notice Period for Feedback

I need at least 1 week’s notice to provide feedback on written work of up to 5000 words.