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Professor Tim Dafforn

Supervisor Details

T Dafforn

Contact Details

Professor Tim Dafforn

School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

Over the past 2 billion years life has been evolving to produce the wonderful biological diversity we see today. At the molecular level evolution has produced nano-molecular machines of wonderful complexity. Tim’s research is focused upon studying these wonders, understanding how they assemble and harnessing their function for good. Currently his studies have three streams of research:

  • Studying and understanding the complex molecular machinery that underlies bacterial cell division.
  • Developing novel nanoencapsulation methods that allow large scale production of membrane proteins.
  • Building nano-assemblies that can be used in detection systems

The last two of these projects have provided seven patents that are currently the focus of two commercialisation projects.

Scientific Inspiration

Richard Feynman, Nobel prize winner and Bongo player.. Need I say more!

Project Details

Prof Dafforn is the primary supervisor on the below projects:

Prof Dafforn is also co-supervisor on projects with Dr Sarah Horswell, Dr Nik Hodges, and Professor David I Roper FRSC.

Previous Projects

Prof Dafforn was supervisor on the below project last year:

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