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Sexual and Reproductive Health Behavioural Intervention Toolkit

    This toolkit recommends behaviour change intervention strategies that can be used by those commissioning, developing, and delivering interventions to support women to choose/access a preferred contraception method, plan and prepare for a pregnancy or manage reproductive symptoms. The content of this toolkit has been drawn from a research project that systematically explored the barriers and facilitators women face when making healthy reproductive choices, and critically assessed these influences using behaviour change tools. This work was commissioned by Public Health England and completed by a team at Warwick. This toolkit can be used to:

    • Develop new interventions or programme of interventions
    • Evaluate and improve an existing intervention
    • Select an intervention from different options

    To download the toolkit please click here Sexual and Reproductive Health Behavioural Intervention Toolkit

    ***Note to users of the toolkit: We have noticed since publication that the behaviour change technique (BCT) “Restructuring the social environment” should have been listed as a recommended BCT for targeting barriers grouped under the “Environmental Context and Resources” tab. When choosing BCTs to target barriers for Environmental Context and Resources please also refer to the “restructuring the social environment” BCT (it can be accessed via the “Social Influences” tab). Apologies for any inconvenience.