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Public Health Summit 26th November 2020

On Thursday 26th November 2020, the Theme hosted its first Public Health Summit. This event brought together 60+ stakeholders from across the West Midlands who have a shared passion for improving the public health of people living in our communities.

The aims of the summit were to

i) Learn more about COVID and Public Health: risks, inequalities, responses and renewals

ii) link ARC WM members and those involved in Public Health in the West Midlands to exchange current issues and priorities and to identify opportunities and synergies for future working

We had wonderful speeches by our guest speakers Harry Rutter who discussed "COVID19 and Public Health: responses and renewals" and Justin Varney who discussed "Current Public Health priorities and approach".

We would like to thank everyone who attended for without you the Summit would not have been the success that it was. To read more about this, please click to see the official ARC West Midlands Blog.

(for the break out room presentations please see the below table)

Break Out Room


Document Link

Current West Midlands issues and priorities

Sandra Squires


TRACE study: TRacking health And Care partnerships in England. Aiming to understand how health system reform impacts population health

Adam Briggs

TRACE study
Behavioural interventions – COVID19 vaccination and beyond

Laura Kudrna

Workplace Wellbeing

Lena Alkhudairy

Coventry City of Culture

Jonothan Neelands