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Industry Workshop

Dr Chandrika Nair, University of Warwick


Dr Lynn Silver, Consultant to Pharmaceutical Industry



Dr Andy Meritt, Associate Director Chemistry, Medical Research Council Technology



Dr Andrew Scott, Defense Science and Technology Laboratory



Prof Martin Walsh, Diamond Light Source



Dr Tobias Krojer, Structural Genomic Consortium, University of Oxford



Prof Colin Fishwick, University of Leeds



Dr Lloyd Czaplewski, Chemical Biology Ventures



Dr Ghada Zoubiane, Medical Research Council



Dr Matthew Avison, University of Bristol



Prof Chris Dowson, University of Warwick



Prof David Dockrell, University of Sheffield



Fragments for drug discovery and chemical biology

Prof Rod Hubbard, University of York



Prof Tony Maxwell, John Innes Centre



Challenges in developing new antibacterial drugs

Dr Richard Bax, TranScrip Senior Partner


Dr Malcolm Page, Former Head of Biology, Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd

Event organiser:
Professor Chris Dowson
22-24 September 2016
Coombe Abbey, near Coventry
Julie Tod J dot Tod at warwick dot ac dot uk