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Dreadlockalien poems

Here are some of the poems that Dreadlockalien created out of the presentations and discussions that took place at ‘Locating Cultural Value’

Summary of the day

Reflecting on the Goals expressed in the Warwick Commission report


Summary of the day

On the left we have the reported language of Academia,
If milk were words their flow would be creamier.
On my right we have a panel from the world of Arts,
Put them in a room, film the fun as feedback starts.

Arts is a fragile environment, unique in the UK
77 billion yet artists work for free each day

These researchers went deeper, real scuba dive search
‘We need to generate belief’ not feel left in the lurch
This research was a true act of collaboration
16 organisations in a multi-agency consultation

Warwick Commission, Future of Cultural Value report
Ecosystem of Arts needs grass roots support
Investment in sustainable arts needs to be longer
Green twigs and branches need guidance to grow stronger

Arts used to be a feeling, actions prompted by emotional evolution
Now A + B = C, what’s the equation or solution

Public subsidy when arts is perceived of no relevance
How do you calculate social value in an economic sense?

Artists are the ants, bees and worms of the system
Sell the flower for profit, where’s the artist we missed ‘em

Temperatures rising from the report so hot
Some old coins, gambled in a brand new slot

University and arts, new ways of valued integration
Arts in schools has suffered too much degradation

Le co bousier – response from architecture from art
What are the next steps, led by foot or heart

Language of Academia Vs Arts of Emotion
Crossing rivers and joining oceans

Measurement – numerical of tyranny each artistic day
Accountable yes ‘Don’t count – weigh’

Reflecting on the Goals expressed in the Warwick Commission report

5 goals, who gets penalties or extra time?
Without grass roots there will be no fruit of rhyme
Arts splinters, shatters, fragmented and atomised
Part of the funded in crowd, catch 22 to be realised

Goal 1 – Room for growth passes down the right wing
Gets in the box, plants one in the bottom corner

Goal 2 – Everyone’s involved, problem solved

Goal 3 – World class goal of memorable note
Education passed to public, gain confidence vote

Goal 4 – Broken down the fine wall defence,
The sphere of digital, futureproof sense

Goal 5 – Best of the session,
Scored by a community of cultural Expression

And one about Coventry

This is our Arts space, our Place, our Absolute,
Our Ego, our Eco, Arcadia of Belgrade,
This is where we are from, this is where our art is made.
Sam pads, custard cools, collides, describes echo…..
Herbert’s fun, Godiva says so.
Hill fields, shall we bin Lee? Or can Lee, why Ken?
What’s Earls done is great,

Local shops, local arts, local post codes
Unpaid art forms from free downloads
We need an arts map, so not to be lost
We need more fingers to calculate the cost

All roads lead to Coventry city
Walk through spaces, cathedral pretty