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The 'Locating Cultural Value' conference took place on Thursday 23rd April 2015 at Warwick Arts Centre, and explored the findings of the Warwick Commission on Cultural Value, discussing how its recommendations might be put into practice in the region, and looking to the future work of Warwick Creative Exchange in building partnerships between our artistic and academic communities.

The event was documented by Talking Birds and Mat Beckett, and what you see here is edited highlights of the whole event. Talking Birds invited people to bring an object that represented - for them - culture in the region, and some of these are seen at the start of the film. People were also invited to draw connections amongst themselves on paper tablecloths at the tables where they were sitting.

A Quick Edit version of parts of this film was premiered at the end of the event itself, and can be seen beneath the full film.

The quick-edit film produced on the day.