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Mathematical Challenges from the Life Sciences

To launch the recently formed Zeeman Institute, we held a 3-day scientific program bringing together some of the best speakers and researchers from around the globe.

The theme was “Mathematical Challenges from the Life Sciences”, with the aim of showcasing how mathematical / statistical analysis is addressing major challenges throughout the Life Sciences from the scale of the genome to global populations.

We were particularly interested in work that bridges between spatial scales (e.g. the inclusion of within-host immunology in population-level epidemiology).

Key Speakers

Key speakers have been invited, so far we have the following excellent speakers:Zeeman poster

  • Prof Ellen Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
    "Modelling Lenski's experiment"
  • Prof Ruth Baker (University of Oxford)
    "Bayesian inference for models of epithelial morphogenesis”
  • Prof Mike Dustin (Kennedy Institute)
    "Quantitative approaches to lymphocyte pathfinding and synapse formation”
  • Dr Chris Dye (WHO)
    “Systems analysis for sustainable development”
  • Prof John Edmunds (LSHTM)
    "Modelling Ebola in West Africa"
  • Prof Jeff Gore (MIT)
    "Building microbial communities in the lab"
  • Dr Katie Hampson (University of Glasgow)
    “Identifying the spatial scale of interactions resolves the mechanisms governing disease transmission"
  • Prof Michael Hochberg (Institut des Sciences de L'Evolution de Montpellier)
    "How Evolution and Environment Shape Cancer"
  • Prof Thomas Hoefer (DKFZ German Cancer Research Centre)
    "Quantitating hematopoiesis"
  • Prof Paul Martin (Univeristy of Bristol)
    "Headsups from Maths regarding the Charateristics of Attractants Drawing Immune Cells to Wounds"
  • Prof Michael Stumpf (Imperial College London)
    "Approximate Bayesian Catastrophes: Learning Epigenetic Landscapes from Single Cell Data"
  • Prof Simon Tavare (CRUK Cambridge)
    "Statistical inference from cancer sequencing data"
  • Prof Fabian Theis (Technische Universitat Munchen)
  • Prof John Tyson (Virginia Tech)