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Four short things to report this week.

1) Ed & Laura have made a new podcast, talking to Samik Datta (who was in SBIDER until 2017) about his move to NewZealand and working for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

2) Sascha and the Bioinformatics RTP has finalised a 2-year contract with the PATH-SAFE project, funding further developments of the EnteroBase system at 2.25 FTEs. EnteroBase was originally developed by the lab of Prof. Mark Achtman but is now hosted by the RTP. PATH-SAFE stands for The Pathogen Surveillance in Agriculture, Food and Environment (PATH-SAFE) programme and is a £19.2m Shared Outcomes Fund (SOF) research programme which aims
to develop a national surveillance network, using the latest DNA-sequencing technology and environmental sampling to improve the detection, and tracking of foodborne human pathogens and AMR through the whole agri-food system from farm-to-fork.

3) Given more people are moving back to the office - Nigel was suggesting that we re-start the seminar series. Volunteers to help, especially from ECR would be most welcome.

4) Only one paper out this week:

Geerts, M; Van Reet, N; Leyten, S; Berghmans, R; Rock, KS; Coetzer, THT; Eyssen, LEA; Buscher, P (2022) Trypanosoma brucei gambiense-iELISA: A Promising New Test for the Post-Elimination Monitoring of Human African Trypanosomiasis. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES 73 E2477-E2483

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 11:53