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UG research projects

If you love mathematics/computation, you may want to do a research project during your undergraduate years, working closely with a member of staff. This can be part of your degree, eg in Warwick Mathematics Institute we have the UG research project, MA4K9, whilst in the Physics department there is PX402, or you can do a research project over the summer, either in your 2nd year, or 3rd year (in intermediate years). These can be funded by a bursary, eg through the Warwick Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS), deadline mid Feb, or the London Mathematics society (LMS, Undergraduate Support Scheme), deadline late Jan/early Feb. See the student page for other ideas and resources.

If you are interested, you dont need to have a specific project in mind, but it certainly helps to know what sort of area you would like to work in, eg mathematical biology, functional analysis, large scale computation etc. It is then just a case of approaching a possible supervisor. If you are interested in doing a research project with me on the interface of mathematics/statistics/computation with biology/medicine, then please get in touch.

I have had some brilliant students. Here are some examples.

Mathematics of cancer:

URSS student: Optimal cancer treatments, using Pontryagin's Maximum principle with a novel functional. This has resulted in research paper (submitted), and developed in a PhD project.

Cell biology/cell division:

MA4K9: Optimal cell division (deriving a Markov chain approximation to an ODE model of cell division). This is being submitted for publication.

MA4K9: Deriving a predictive model of miscarriage (using statistical computing methods to fit a model to longitudinal data). This is developing into an international collaboration and a research paper. The model is being put into a national app for release in September 2022.