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Professor Sascha Ott - Alumni and PhD Graduates

Dr Hannah Bridgewater, PhD student until December 2019, joint supervision with Prof. Lawrence Young, Prof. Peter Sadler, and Dr Keith Leppard
PhD thesis title: "Investigating the anti-cancer activity of novel osmium-arene compounds using CRISPR screening technology"
Hannah was awarded the School of Life Sciences thesis prize.
current postion: Assistant Lecturer at Coventry University

Dr Julia Lipecki, MIBTP PhD student until September 2019, second supervisor Prof. Jan Brosens
PhD thesis title: "Computational Approaches for Determination of Transcriptomic and Epigenomic States"
current position:
Bioinformatics Engineer at Genomics England

Dr Pól Ó Catnaigh, SBDTC PhD student until September 2016, joint supervision with Dr Emma Anderson
PhD thesis title: "An investigation into the RNA-binding protein UNR and its interactors"

Dr Krzysztof Polanski, SBDTC PhD student until September 2015, joint supervision with Dr Katherine Denby
PhD thesis title: "Finding Network Modules and Motifs Regulating Plant Stress Responses: Integration and Modelling across Multiple Data Sets"
current position: Computational Biologist, Sanger Institute

current e-mail address:

e-mail Krzysztof

Dr Laura Baxter, post-doctoral research fellow on PRESTA project, Fusarium HAPI project, and AmpseqUr project
current position: Bioinformatician in Bioinformatics Research Technology Platform

Dr Jason Piper, SBDTC PhD student until September 2014, joint supervision with Prof. Constanze Bonifer (Birmingham University)
PhD thesis title: "The demarcation of transcription factor binding sites through the analysis of DNase-seq data"
Jason was jointly awarded the Systems Biology thesis award 2015 for this work.
current position: ‎Data Engineer at Apple

Dr Peter Krusche, post-doctoral research fellow until September 2013, C5Sys project
current position: Associate Director, Statistical Methods and Consulting, Novartis, Switzerland

Dr Boris Noyvert, post-doctoral research fellow until March 2012, NF-κB SABR project
current position: post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham
current e-mail address:

Boris e-mail

Dr Howard Lightfoot, MOAC PhD student until January 2012, joint supervision with Dr Gyanendra Tripathi
PhD thesis title: "Methods for Identifying Members of Transcriptional Regulatory Protein Complexes"
current position: Principal Bioinformatician with Dr Mathew Garnett at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK
current e-mail address:
Howard e-mail address

Dr Richard Hickman, SBDTC PhD student until December 2011, joint supervision with Prof. Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston
PhD thesis title: "Transcriptional Regulatory Codes Underlying Arabidopsis Stress Responses"
current position: Senior Scientist at

Dr Nigel Dyer, MOAC PhD student until September 2011, joint supervision with Prof. Jim Beynon
PhD thesis title: "Informative Sequence-based Models for Fragment Distributions in ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and ChIP-chip data"
post-doctoral research fellow until January 2021, SysmedIBD project and other projects
current position: Bioinformatician in Bioinformatics Research Technology Platform


Dr Emma Picot, SBDTC PhD student until January 2011, joint supervision with Dr Isabelle Carré
PhD thesis title: "Conserved Promoter Motifs Mediating Temporal Expression in the Plant Circadian Clock"
current position: post-doctoral research fellow with Professor Gary Bending, Life Sciences, Warwick

Dr Hashem Koohy, MOAC PhD student until September 2010, joint supervision with Prof. Georgy Koentges
PhD thesis title: "Computational Prediction of Functional Similarity of CRMs"
current position: Group Leader in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, UK
current e-mail address: