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Science Ahead with STEM

Ahead with STEM

Join Generation Do

Help us bring together, inspire and nurture the next generation of problem solvers, inventors and innovators who’ll make a better world.

Science, technology, engineering, medicine and maths will play a huge part in helping humanity find vital answers as we face a future of unprecedented challenges and change.

At Warwick we believe we all have it in us to make a better world. Since our founding in the 60s our great strength has been our call to do things differently, to see things differently, to open our doors wide and seek out that which is different. We’re extremely proud of our thriving, diverse community at Warwick and we know there’s even more we can do now to super charge its creativity.

That’s why we’re on a mission to build a dynamic new space at the heart of campus to bring more people and even more difference to Generation Do. Now is the time to open our doors wider than ever before – if STEM stands a chance of taking on the future, we’ll need the most diverse and representative group of future leaders ever to point the way ahead.

About our ambition

Five ways ahead

To contribute to a better future, you need to focus on where you can make the most impact. That’s why we're developing processes, systems, technologies and behaviours that will help transform STEM education and research at Warwick, and why we're focussing on five key priority areas to help guide our work. We call them our five ways ahead:

  • AI, digital and smart applications

  • Advanced materials and systems

  • Energy, environment and sustainability

  • Frontier science

  • Health and medical technologies

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Meet Generation Do

Read the stories behind the faces

Space for new

Warwick has always understood the power of culture and community in nurturing talent and discovery. Now we’re building a new home for STEM that can nourish and inspire the next generation and be a launch pad for the critical years ahead.

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Seeking out difference

We’ve always opened our doors wide here at Warwick, and now we’re looking to the world to bring together the most diverse, inclusive and representative group of people ever, to join our STEM community.

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Finding answers in between

We thrive on interdisciplinary working, we always have, and now we’re pioneering an innovation culture in STEM at Warwick that’s fuelled by the extraordinary creative spark you get when radically different minds meet.

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Help us build a better future

We have an exciting programme of work ahead to help us bring together, inspire and nurture the next generation of problem solvers, inventors and innovators in STEM. Watch this space for news and updates about all the ways you can get involved.

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Explore our work

At Warwick we’re pointing the way ahead with STEM, sharing our fundamental and real-world research through innovative teaching and public engagement. Explore our case studies to find out more.

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