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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems - HetSys

HetSys CDT

HetSys is a new EPSRC-supported Centre for Doctoral Training. It is recruits enthusiastic students (first intake October 2019) from across the physical sciences who enjoy using their mathematical skills and thinking flexibly to solve complex problems. By developing these skills HetSys trains people to challenge current state-of-the-art in computational modelling of heterogeneous, ‘real world’ systems across a range of research themes such as nanoscale devices, new catalysts, superalloys, smart fluids, laser-plasma interactions etc.

HetSys is built around a closely knit, highly collaborative team of academics from five science departments at Warwick with a strong track record in leading large projects. With its project partners HetSys develops talented, energetic PhD students to push boundaries in this exciting field. The students have the potential to inspire new ideas, approaches and innovation and become future leaders in developing new technologies. HetSys builds on Warwick’s Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC) and the Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling (WCPM).

Read more about the HetSys training programme and have a look at our current PhD Projects.

PhD Projects Starting in 2019

        Projects descriptions for a 2020 start will be displayed late November 2019.


            Mon 30 Sep '19
            Mon 14 Oct '19
            Mon 21 Oct '19


            Call for 2020 PhD Projects Open

            The call for 2020 HetSys PhD projects is now open. The deadline for submissions is 17:00 on 18th October.

            HetSys at British Science Festival Family Day

            The HetSys CDT took part in its first outreach event as part of the University of Warwick's Family Day on 14th September 2019 in association with the British Science Festival, with a stall where visitors could explore how predictive modelling can help improve human life. Thanks to Mohad Mousavi-Nezhad for organising!

            Earlier in the British Science Festival week on Tuesday 10th September Becky Notman gave a talk "Skin Deep" on her research on modelling skin.

            HetSys Launch Event

            A launch event for the HetSys CDT took place on campus from 9th-10th September 2019. It was attended by a wide range of HetSys team members, partners and collaborators. Sessions included an overview of plans for the new centre including the projects of the incoming PhD students, highlight talks from partners, and a co-creation session to design future projects. Thanks to all who took part!