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Mass Spectrometry Facility

Bruker Amazon Speed ETD iontrap MS GCMS 6130B HCTplus 7900
ICP-OES autoflex Compact ultraflexextreme LTQ
Amazon X TQ-XS MaXis MaXis II Impact



Experiments available

Mass range

PerkinElmer 5300DV ICP-OES,
Agilent LC-ICP-MS (7900)

For all metal/semimetal trace analysis,0.01-100ppm for OES,1-1000ppt for ICP-MS

0-250 m/z

Bruker Ultraflex Extreme and Autoflex Speed MALDI TOF/TOF

For high Mw protein and polymers, more tolerate towards salt and detergent(50mM or similar)

50-200,000 m/z (extended to 500,000)

Agilent 5977B GC-MS (EI/CI)

Only for small volatile very hydrophobic compounds, need to be thermally stable

20-1,000 m/z

Agilent 6130B single Quad (ESI)

Routine Mw for relative polar compounds, need to be salt free

50 - 3,000 m/z

Bruker Compact, Bruker MaXis II, MaXis Plus and MaXis Impact Q-TOF (ESI-HR-MS/MS)

Can achieve <5ppm on MicroTOF or sub-ppm mass accuracy on MaXis, no salt and detergent

50-20,000 m/z probably up to 150KDa molecules

Bruker Amazon X+Bruker HCT-plus+Bruker HCT Ultra ETD+Bruker Amazon ETD+Thermo LTQ-XL+Waters Xevo TQXS and TQD(ESI)

LC/ESI/MS/MS (unit resolution and 50-100ppm mass accuracy)

50-3,000 m/z (6000 extended range)

For details regarding service, training and booking, there are posters in the corridor on the 2nd and 4th floor in C-block close to the entrance.
Please note: If you use the ICP instruments, you will have to contribute towards the Argon cost (Averaged £40.75/hr for 2019-2020)

Working Hours

Lab Hours
09:00 to 18:00

Sample Submission Service Hours
09:00 to 15:00

Contact Us

Dr Lijiang Song
Associate Professor (Reader), Director of Mass Spectrometry Facility

Room: A108
Telephone: 024 7615 1766

Ms Joanna Drozd
Senior Mass Spectrometry Technician

Room: A112
Telephone: 024 7652 2183