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Dr Rocco Coppejans:

Personal experiences of leaving academia & what R&IS can do for you

Wednesday 29th May at 12:30-14:00 (lunch available from 12:15) MOAC Seminar Room, Senate House

Given that there are only about 1 faculty positions for every 10 PhDs awarded, most PhDs will have to leave the field. In the first part of the talk I will recount my personal experience with getting a PhD, switching academic fields, leaving academia, the two body problem and living in 4 countries. I will try to give some practical and useful advice on how to negotiate this process. In the second part I will discuss what Warwick Research & Impact Services can do for you. I will specially focus on the to support we offer for you to choose postdoc funding and grants that you can apply for, costing, preparing and submitting said applications. I will also discuss our work drafting and negotiating research contracts including contracts for industry partners to part or fully fund postdoc and PhD positions, material exchange, secondments etc.


Rocco got his BSc Physics and MSc Astrophysics and Space Science in South Africa before moving to do his PhD in Astrophysics in the Netherlands. After that he was a postdoc for 5 years in the USA working on instrumentation and serving as a project manager. Rocco moved to the UK at the end of 2021 where first work as a Contracts Officer at the University of Oxford before starting his current role as a Research Support Officer in Research & Impact Service at Warwick 6 months ago.

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