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Instrument Booking

The 6th floor labs are open to external users. Please read the guidelines and use the form to request access.
  • If you cancelling your booking on a short notice, please email ch-biophys-users at listserv dot csv dot warwick dot ac dot uk to let everyone know the instrument is available.
  • Please note that bookings without a contact number will be deleted!
  • Users who do not show up within 15-30 min for their booked time will lose their slot. Repeated offences will result in user being banned from using our instruments!

The sixth floor labs have a range of instruments that are available for booking. These include:

  • Circular Dichroism/Linear Dichroism Instruments
    • Jasco J-1500 (temperature controlled CD & LD, fluorescence, FPA, FDCD & FDLD)
    • Jasco J-815 (temperature controlled CD & LD, fluorescence, 6 cell sample changer)
    • Jasco J-720 (temperature controlled CD &LD) - temporarily unavailable
    • Jasco J-600 (CD and limited LD capabilities) - now in the 3rd floor teaching labs!


  • Vibrational Spectroscopy Instruments
    • Jasco FT/IR - 4200 (Gateway ATR for solids and liquids, grazing angle attachment)
    • DXR™2 SmartRaman (633nm, solution, universal sample holder for NMR tubes, vials etc)


  • Optical Spectroscopy Instruments
    • Cary IE UV/VIS (temperature controlled 6 sample changer) - temporarily unavailable
    • Jasco V-660 UV/VIS (temperature controlled 6 sample changer)
    • FP-6500 (temperature control, fluorescence anisotropy)


  • Other bookable equipment
    • Malvern Nano-series DLS (particle size and viscosity)
    • Jasco HPLC system (autosampler, fraction collector, UV and RI detector, list of available columns here)
    • Hei-VAP rotary evaporator


  • Other instruments (do not require booking)
    • pH meter with micro (5 mm dia.) and nano (1.5 mm dia.) electrodes
    • Refractometer
    • UVIdoc - gel documentation system
    • Ultra-micro balance (2 g - 0.1 μg), analytical balance (100 g - 0.1 mg), technical balance (12 kg - 10 g)
    • Optical stereo microscope for micromanipulation (10x - 35x, measuring graticule)
    • Thermal cycler
    • Direct-Q3 water purifier (18.2 MΩ·cm)