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Instrument Booking

The sixth floor labs have a range of instruments that are available for booking. These include:

The 6th floor will be undergoing a refurbishment over the Autumn 2018 term.
Some of the instruments are now avaialable for use on the 4th floor in the MAS building, lab 4.14.

Users who do not show up within 15-30 min for their booked time will lose their slot.
Repeated offences will result in user being banned from using our instruments!

  • Circular Dichroism/Linear Dichroism Instruments
    • Jasco J-1500 (temperature controlled CD & LD, fluorescence, FPA, FDCD & FDLD)
    • Jasco J-815 (temperature controlled CD & LD, fluorescence, 6 cell sample changer)
    • Jasco J-720 (temperature controlled CD &LD) - temporarily unavaialble
    • Jasco J-600 (CD and limited LD capabilities) - now in the 3rd floor teaching labs!


  • UV/Vis/IR/Raman
    • Cary IE UV/VIS (temperature controlled 6 sample changer)
    • Jasco V-660 UV/VIS (temperature controlled 6 sample changer)
    • Jasco FT/IR - 4200 (Gateway ATR for solids and liquids, grazing angle attachment)
    • DXR™2 SmartRaman (633nm, solution, universal sample holder for NMR tubes, vials etc)


  • Fluorimeters
    • FP-6500 (temperature control, fluorescence anisotropy)


  • Other instruments/equipment
    • Malvern Nano-series DLS (particle size and viscosity)
    • Jasco HPLC system (autosampler, fraction collector, UV and RI detector, list of available columns here)
    • Hei-VAP rotary evaporator

  • Other instruments (no booking required at the moment)
    • pH meter with micro (5 mm dia.) and nano (1.5 mm dia.) electrodes
    • Refractometer
    • UVIdoc - gel documentation system
    • Ultra-micro balance (2 g - 0.1 μg), analytical balance (100 g - 0.1 mg), technical balance (12 kg - 10 g)
    • Optical stereo microscope for micromanipulation (10x - 35x, measuring graticule)
    • Thermal cycler - temporarily unavailable
    • Direct-Q3 water purifier (18.2 MΩ·cm)