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Our Team

Manpreet Kaur is a first year PhD student in the group. She did her BSc in Chemistry at Warwick, fManpreetollowing which she did a summer project in Prof David Haddleton’s group looking at thermal depolymerisation of polymers synthesised via several different methods. She then went on to study a Master (by Research) in Polymer Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian Perrier where she synthesised pH responsive nanoparticles for drug delivery, specifically for TB. Manpreet is now looking at the use of photoelectrocatalysis to synthesise ammonia and other nitrogen containing compounds from nitrogen. In her free time, Manpreet enjoys reading, poetry, drinking tea, and is an amateur climate action enthusiast.

ShauShaumicamica Saravanabavan is a current PhD student in Dr. Brinkert’s group and the project is co-sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA). By the use of minimal resources and by producing minimal waste, the project will be focusing on providing more efficient and reliable oxygen and fuel for long-term space travels. The experiments under microgravity will be performed at the Bremen Drop Tower and the laboratories in the ESA centre based in Noordwijk, Netherlands. She represents the student voice as part of the AS CDT’s postgraduate SSLC and work hard to contribute improvements to student learning and well-being. Besides my passion for space and science, she is very much passionate about literature, history and languages possibly due to being trilingual in Tamil, German and English.