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Welcome to the webpages of the Gibson Group! We based in both the Department of Chemistry and Warwick Medical School. Our research is focused at the interfaces of Carbohydrate and Polymer Chemistries with the Life Sciences. We study, and create, innovative solutions for global healthcare challenges. This includes the storage of cells and tissues, biosensors for low resource environments, bionanotechnology, infectious disease and fundemental studies on macromolecules. All work is interdisciplinary providing a diverse training and research environment. We are also commited to outreach, hosting a 'researcher in schools' and all members are STEMnet ambassadors.

Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher (PhD) vacancy to start March 2019 in Protein Expression

Industry-linked PhD in Cryopresevation to Start October 2019

2019 PhD Opportunites for Overseas Students


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