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Gibson Group Vacancies

How to join our Group

We're always interested in hearing from motivated candidates with a background in synthetic organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry or related fields. All our projects are multi-disciplinary, offering excellent opportunities to work with National/International collaborators.
Specific projects will be listed here when they are available.

Speculative enquires are welcome, email Prof. Matt Gibson directly if you have any questions:

Post-Doctoral Vacancies

Excellent candidates with a background in biomaterials, polymer science, protein expression or carbohydrate chemistry should express their interest to Prof Matt Gibson. We will advertise when any positions are available. If you have already secured your own funding (e.g. government sources, charities, research councils) or you would like to apply for your own funding (e.g. Marie Curie, EPSRC post-doctoral fellowships, Welcome Trust Fellowships) email Matt directly. Please enclose a 2 page CV including a full publication list (including those in preparation or submitted).

Eutopia Fellowships.

The University of Warwick, and the Eutopia partnersLink opens in a new window, are now advertising for post-doctoral fellowships across all areas of advanced materials for health. These are 2 year positions to help you develop your independent research profiles. If you are interested, please read all instructions and the links below and contact Prof Gibson with an indication of your prospective project and brief CV (2 pages absolute maximum). Deadline is 10th January 2022, but earlier is better!

InstructionsLink opens in a new window

Newton International Fellowships

We can host applications for a Newton International Fellowship to work with us in areas of infection diagnostics, cell and protein storage, polymer/nanochemistry or protein engineering. These are competitive and the next deadline will be in spring 2023. You MUST contact professor Gibson well in advance of this deadline to ensure it is handled correctly.

Full details hereLink opens in a new window

PhD Opportunities 2022

Specific Projects. Note all are fully funded opportunities. Self-funders/scholar holders can send speculative enquiries direct to Prof Gibson

Scholarships (in addition to vacancies below) -

PhD 1. Covalent Recruitment of Polymer Therapeutics. Currently closed.

Most strategies to deliver drugs rely on tuning the carrier chemistry, or addition of targetting ligands with the hope to selectively targetting a cell or organ. We have introduced an alternative strategy where we 'engineer the cell' to capture the drug deliver systems; this approach means we can selectively kill cancerous (or other) cells, which have not been labelled. Read our first paper here.Link opens in a new window In this project, we will target cells by adding non-natural glycans (sugars) which change the cell surface glycocalyx (sugar-rich coating) to 'capture' polymer/nanoparticle drug delivery systems.

Project Advert is hereLink opens in a new window

PhD 2. Cell Based Therapies for Tissue Regeneration. Currently closed.

This project is lead by Dr Arno at Birmingham UniversityLink opens in a new window. The aim of the project is to re-engineer the surface of stem cells with synthetic polymers to introduce new functions, to enable the stem cells to be used in regenerative medicine. Specifically we will use use metabolic oligosaccharide engineering (MOE) to introduce non-natural glycans (sugars) to the cell surface, which we will attach the polymers onto. The longer terms aims are to make the stem cells safer to use, with enhanced functionality. Read our previous work here; Paper 1Link opens in a new window, Paper 2Link opens in a new window.

Project advert is here. Link opens in a new window

PhD 3. Towards New Drugs and Diagnostics for Tuberculosis.

This project is led by Dr Fullam in the School of Life SciencesLink opens in a new window. This project will explore TB with the aim of new diagnostics and/or treatments with a specific interest in glycoscience.

Project advert is here.Link opens in a new window

PhD 4. Next Generation Glycan Arrays. Currently closed.

We have developed a platform technology, based on polymer-coated gold nanoparticles, to uncover how pathogens engage glycans (sugars) on our cells, and have used this to gain new understanding during the COVID pandemic (see publicationsLink opens in a new window). In this project, we will expand this platform into a new arraying tool, to investigate diverse processes. There is the opportunity to work with an Industry partner on this project.

Project Advert is here. Link opens in a new window

PhD 5. Investigating the impact of cellular state on cryopreservation. Industrial PhD with Cytivia. Currently closed.

We will use chemical and physical stimuli to induce certain cell states, including parts of the cell cycle, and quantify the impact of this on how cells survive cold/cryopreservation stress. The aim is to understand, but to also develop innovative methods to store therapeutic cells for complex disease. The project will give a student the chance to undertake fundamental cell biology research whilst working with a major life science company, including undertaking placements at the industry partner's research site.

Project Advert is here.Link opens in a new window

PhD 6. Polymeric Cryopreservation Agents for Proteins.

Protein based drugs are the largest (by value) segment of the pharmaceutical market and are transforming how we treat disease. However, they are hard to store. This project seeks to discover new polymers to project proteins against cold stress to simply the cold chain. This is high interdisciplinary and the project is suitable for both biology or chemistry backgrounds, to focus on either aspect.

Apply here. Link opens in a new window


Excellent candidates for fully funded PhDs can apply for a scholarship. We can offer projects in glyco-science, polymer chemistry, biomaterials and cell engineering. All have deadlines mid-January so GET IN TOUCH now.

EU Citizens; EU Chancellor Scholarships.Link opens in a new window

Chinese Scholarship Council

Warwick/Monash Joint PhD programsLink opens in a new window

Overseas (non UK/EU) Student Opportunities

Chancellor's International Scholarship for Overseas Students is now open.Link opens in a new window

Masters Projects

Vacancies for MAS/Systems Biology/AS:MIT/Polymer/Chemistry MSc Projects 2018
Candidates from Chemistry MSc, AS:MIT or Polymer MSc should apply directly from their respective project lists (but can email if further information is required). MAS CDT students should contact Matt early in Term 2 to allow time to prepare project proposals. We aim to have at least 2 vacancies each year.

Summer Placements

Vacancies for Summer 2019. Excellent students (must have at least a 2:1, preferably 1st) should contact Dr Gibson explaining motivation and to discuss potential projects as soon as possible.
Each year we hope to have at least 1/2 vacancies for Warwick students (in either year 2 or year 3) to come and work in the labs for 8-10 weeks during summer. This a great opportunity to improve your CV and to get paid at the same time. There is funding available via the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme yearly, applications closing end of January.