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Poly(proline) as a bio-sourced ice recrystallisation inhibitor published

Ice-binding proteins (IBPs) from extremophile organisms can modulate ice formation and growth. We are very interested in developing polymeric mimics of IBPs as a route to understand their function and to deploy in various applications, from mitigating freeze–thaw damage in concrete to frozen food texture modifiers, to cryopreservation of cells and tissue. We have done much work on vinyl-based polymers, but it is, however, desirable to use biosourced monomers and heteroatom-containing backbones in polymers for in vivo or environmental applications to allow degradation. In our latest paper, in collaboration with the Heise Group in Dublin, we show that high molecular weight polyproline as an ice recrystallization inhibitor (IRI) and provide evidence that it can bind ice crystal faces. This work shows that non-vinyl-based polymers can be designed to inhibit ice recrystallization and may offer a more sustainable or environmentally acceptable, while synthetically scalable, route to large-scale applications.

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High Molecular Weight Polyproline as a Bio-Sourced Ice Growth Inhibitor: Synthesis, Ice Growth Inhibition" LinkLink opens in a new window

Mon 17 Apr 2023, 16:14 | Tags: Publication