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Gibson Group: Dr Cecillia Ieong


Cecilia was born in Hong Kong and then raised in Macau till she was 19. After that, she spent 4 years at the University of Toronto to pursue her Hon. BSc in Chemistry, graduating with a distinction. In 2004, she joined the group of Professor Ian Manners where she started off working on the kinetic studies and the polymerization of phosphine-borane adducts. She then continued as a final year project student studying the photolytic reactivity of [1]ferrocenophanes. After that, she moved to the UK for a Ph.D. degree with Professor Ian Manners where she was involved in investigating the strain-controlled photoreactivity of [1]ferrocenophanes as well as the synthesis and the self-assembly of novel polyferrocene-based block copolymers. She joined the group of Prof. Rachel O'Reilly in Nov 2009 as a postdoctoral researcher working on thermoresponsive polymers before joining the Dove group in October 2011 to study the synthesis of biodegradable polymers for controlled release. She started in the Gibson group in Feb 2013, working on gold nanoparticles for diagnostics. In her spare time, Cecilia also enjoys running and cooking.

Research Interests


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