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Gibson Group: Chris Stubbs


Chris was born in 1993 and grew up in Warrington, Cheshire. He attended Carmel Sixth Form College, before attending the University of Warwick in 2011. During the course of his degree, Chris carried out a 12 month internship with Innospec Inc. working in the Performance Fuel Specialties group under Dr. Carl Waterson. Chris then undertook a masters project with Prof. David Haddleton investigating the versatility of platinum catalysed hydrosilylation as a potential efficient 'Click' reaction, graduating with a First Class Master of Chemstry (MChem) degree, in Chemistry with Industrial Experience. In October 2015 Chris started his Ph.D. studies under the supervision of Dr M. I. Gibson, and is funded by the ERC.

Research Interests

Chris is interested in synthetic polymer chemistry, particularly the controlled synthesis and modification of polymeric species to mimic the Ice Recrystallisation Inhibition phonomenon displayed by natural AF(G)P materials.


[1] Christopher Stubbs, Julia Lipecki, Matthew I. Gibson. "Regioregular Alternating Polyampholytes Have Enhanced Biomimetic Ice Recrystallization Activity Compared to Random Copolymers and the Role of Side Chain versus Main Chain Hydrophobicity". Biomacromolecules. 2017. 18(1), 295-302.

[2] Nicholas Vail, Christopher Stubbs, Caroline I. Biggs, Matthew I.Gibson. 'Ultra-Low Dispersity Poly(vinyl alcohol) Reveals Significant Dispersity Effects on Ice Recrystallization Inhibition Activity'. ACS MacroLetters, 2017, 6, 101-104.

[3] Caroline I. Biggs, Trisha L. Bailey, Ben Graham, Christopher Stubbs, Alice Fayter, Matthew I. Gibson. "Polymer Mimics of Biomacromolecular Antifreezes." Nature Communications, 2017, 1546.

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[5] Stubbs, C., Wilkins, LE., Fayter, AC., Walker, M.,Gibson, M.I., Multivalent Presentation of Ice Recrystallization Inhibiting Polymers on Nanoparticles Retains Activity Langmuir, 2018.

[6] Stubbs, C., Congdon, TR, Gibson, MI., Photo-Polymerisation and Study of the Ice Recrystallisation Inhibition of Hydrophobically Modified Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) Co-polymers. Europoean Polymer Journal, 2019, 110, 330-336.

Outreach Work

Chris regularly participates in outreach activities with both Mr Nick Barker, head of the Warwick Outreach programme, and Mrs Selina Kermode, the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Co-ordinator. Examples of outreach Chris has helped with are:

  • Working with AS level students on undergraduate experiments to help develop practical understanding of university chemistry laboratory work.
  • Working with various groups of primary school students to help them become more enthusiastic about science and its practical aspects.
  • Helping with the RSC Spectroscopy in a suitcase programme, which aims to help further understanding of IR and Mass Spectrometry for students at AS and A2 level, as well as talking more generally about university level science.


Oral Presentations:

ACS Fall National Meeting 2018 - Boston, MA (19/8/2018 - 23/8/2018)

Macrogroup Young Researcher Meeting - University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (19/6/2017 - 20/6/2017)

Midlands Young Researcher meeting on Nanomaterials - University of Warwick, England, UK (17/12/2015)

Poster Presentations

Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering - Univeristy of Ghent, Belgium (21/5/2017 - 25/7/2017)

Warwick 2016 Polymer Conference - University of Warwick, England, UK (11/7/2016 - 14/7/2016)

Grants Awarded

Royal Society of Chemistry Materials Division Travel Grant - APME 2017

Stubbs Group Photo


Chemistry with Industrial Experience, MChem, The University of Warwick, 2011-2015