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Gibson Group Richard Lowery


Richard was born in South Yorkshire and attended Hayfield School. In 2007 he began his BSc in Biology at the University of East Anglia. Richard came to the University of Warwick to study Medicine but in 2012 took up a place within the molecular organisation and assembly of cells doctoral training centre (MOAC DTC) after being awarded EPSRC funding to study for an MSc in Mathematical biology & biophysical chemistry which he gained in 2013. Following this Richard started studying for his PhD under the supervision of Dr Elizabeth Fullam (School of Life Sciences) and Dr M.I.Gibson (Department of Chemistry) which remain s his current focus.

Research Interests

Current Interests - Developing synthetic methodologies to understand receptor-ligand interactions in pathogenic mycobacteria


M. W. Jones, L. Otten, S-J. Richards, R. Lowery, D. J. Phillips, D. M. Haddleton and M. I. Gibson, 'Glycopolymers with Secondary Binding Motifs Mimic Glycan Branching and Display Bacterial Lectin Selectivity in Addition to Affinity.' - Submitted for publication


MOAC Annual Conference, May 2013 -Poster/Presentation – “Investigating Bacterial-Toxin Inhibition through Simple Functionalized Carbohydrate Microarrays”

Structural Glycosciences, COST Action CM1102 : MultiGlycoNano, Grenoble, France, November 2013 - Flash presentation - "Glycopolymers with Secondary Binding Motifs Glycan Branching and Display Cholera Toxin Selectivity”

Structural and Cell Biology Seminar Workshop, December 2013 - Talk - ''Investigating Bacterial-Toxin Inhibitor efficiency through novel carbohydrate microarrays'

Conference Attendance

Joint DTC conference - Imperial College London, June 2013

MOAC Annual Conference - Ironbridge, May 2013


BSc (Biological Sciences), 2007-2010

MSc (Mathematical biology & biophysical chemistry), 2012-2013.