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About the Marsh Research Group

Dr Andrew Marsh, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

My research interests span supramolecular chemistry, synthesis and actions of bioactive compounds and the interaction of engineered surfaces with biological molecules.

Feb 2016: Simvstatin hydroxyacid and fluvastatin interact with human connexin GJC3.

GJC3 simple homology on GJB2

Coverage in Health Spectator; Daily Express, 11 Feb 2016.

Engineered surfaces: Nanodiamonds help cut through lipid at 15-25 degrees C

Current Group Members

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Xianjin Cui (EPSRC Cold Water Cleaning - collaborative project with Dr Xianping Liu, University of Warwick School of Engineering and Dr Haitao Ye, Aston University, Engineering)

PhD students

Dorota Dobrzanska (BBSRC DTG award with Professor Chris Dowson, School of Life Sciences and Dr Paul Taylor)

Aiden Robertson (EPSRC DTC): primary supervisor Professor Steven Brown, Department of Physics, co-supervised by Dr Jozéf Lewandowski. Solid state NMR of supramolecular architecture and amyloids.

Summer Project Students (Warwick URSS)

2009, 2010 John Watkins – with Professor Donald Singer, Warwick Medical School

2011, 2012 Laura Wilkins – with Professor Donald Singer, Warwick Medical School

2013 Sam Kidman, Jonathan Alborzpour (URSS)

2013 Naomi Weare (Wellcome Trust Biomedical Summer Studentship)

2013 Sophie Martucci (BPS Prize Studentship)

2014 Sophie Martucci (Biochemical Society, PI Richard Napier), Teena Rajan