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Engineered Surfaces

1. EPSRC and P&G plc have funded work to reduce the significant energy burden of regular high temperature laundry washes. Together with Dr Xianping Liu (School of Engineering), Dr Haitao Ye (School of Enginering and Applied Science, Aston University) and Professor Steven Brown (Department of Physics) we have used 5 nm diamond particles to enable the removal of tristearin lipid from test surfaces using surfactants. Read detail here.


Nanodiamond Promotes Surfactant-Mediated Triglyceride Removal from a Hydrophobic Surface at or below Room Temperature Xianjin Cui, Xianping Liu, Andrew S. Tatton, Steven P. Brown, Haitao Ye, and Andrew Marsh ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2012, doi:10.1021/am300560z