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Scott Group Publications

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Selected Recent Publications

Discovery of selective, antimetastatic and anti-cancer stem cell metallohelices via post-assembly modification, Hualong Song, Nicola J. Rogers, Simon J. Allison, Viktor Brabec, Hannah Bridgewater, Hana Kostrhunova, Lenka Markova, Roger M. Phillips, Emma C. Pinder, Samantha L. Shepherd, Lawrence S. Young, Juraj Zajacc and Peter Scott, Chem. Sci. 2019, in press

Mirror-Image Dependence: Targeting Enantiomeric G-Quadruplex DNA Using Triplex Metallohelices, Chuanqi Zhao, Hualong Song, Peter Scott, Andong Zhao, Hisae Tateishi-Karimata, Naoki Sugimoto, Jinsong Ren, Xiaogang Qu, Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed., 2019, 57, 15723-15727.

Polyolefin-Polar Block Copolymers from Versatile New Macromonomers, Christopher J. Kay, Paul D. Goring, Connah A. Burnett,, Ben Hornby, Kenneth Lewtas, Shaun Morris, Colin Morton, Tony McNally, Giles W. Theaker, Carl Waterson, Peter M Wright, Peter Scott, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 13921-13934.

Stereochemistry and amyloid inhibition: Asymmetric triplex metallohelices enantioselectively bind to Aβ peptide Yijia Guan, Zhi Du, Nan Gao, Yue Cao, Xiaohui Wang, Peter Scott, Hualong Song, Jinsong Ren, Xiaogang Qu, Science Adv., 2018, 4(1)

Antifreeze Protein Mimetic Metallohelices with Potent Ice Recrystallization Inhibition Activity, Daniel E. Mitchell Guy Clarkson, Guy, David J. Fox, Rebecca A. Vipond, Peter Scott, Matthew I Gibson, J. Am. Chem. Soc, 2017, 139, 9835-9838.

Anticancer metallohelices: nanomolar potency and high selectivity, Rebecca A. Kaner, Simon J. Allison, Alan D. Faulkner, Roger M. Phillips, David I. Roper, Samantha L. Shepherd, Daniel H. Simpson, Nicholas R. Waterfield and Peter Scott, Chem. Sci., 2016, 7, 951–958

Shape-selective recognition of DNA abasic sites by metallohelices: inhibition of human AP endonuclease 1, Jaroslav Malina, Peter Scott, Viktor Brabec, Nuc. Acids. Res, 2015, 43, 5297-5306

Fe and Mn complexes of 2-carbonyl pyrrolyls; scorpionate sandwich anions and extended structures; Lihong Li, Guy J Clarkson, Martin R. Lees, Suzanne E. Howson, Sze-yin Tan, Scott S. Turner, Peter Scott, Organometallics, 2015, 34, 2543–2549

Chiral metallo-helical complexes enantioselectively target amyloid β for treating Alzheimer’s disease, Meng Li, Suzanne E. Howson, Kai Dong, Nan Gao, Jinsong Ren, Peter Scott, Xiaogang Qu, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 11655-11663

Asymmetric peptidomimetic ‘triplex’ metallohelices with high and selective activity against cancer cells, Alan D. Faulkner, Rebecca A. Kaner, Qasem M. A. Abdallah, Guy Clarkson, David J. Fox, Pratik Gurnani, Suzanne E. Howson, Roger M. Phillips, David I. Roper, Daniel H. Simpson, Peter Scott, Nature Chem. 2014, 6, 797-803

Metallohelices with Activity Against Cisplatin-Resistant Cancer Cells; does the mechanism involve DNA binding? Viktor Brabec, Suzanne E. Howson, Rianne M. Lord, Jaroslav Malina, Patrick C. McGowan, Alison Rodger, Peter Scott, Chem. Sci. 2013, 4, 4407-4416

Optically pure, water-stable metallo-helical ‘flexicate’ assemblies with antibiotic activity, Suzanne E. Howson, Albert Bolhuis, Viktor Brabec, Guy J. Clarkson, Jaroslav Malina, Alison Rodger, Peter Scott, Nature Chem., 2012, 4, 31–36

Key older papers

Mechanism of Catalytic Cyclohydroamination by Zirconium Salicyloxazoline Complexes, Laura E. N. Allan, Guy J. Clarkson, David J. Fox, Andrew L. Gott, and Peter Scott, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010, 132, 15308-20

Self-Assembling Optically Pure Fe(A-B)3 Chelates, S. E. Howson, L. E. N. Allan, N. P. Chmel, G. J. Clarkson, R. van Gorkum, P. Scott, Chem Comm, 2009, 1727-9

Zirconium catalysed enantioselective hydroamination/cyclisation, P. D. Knight, I. J. Munslow, P. N. O’Shaughnessy and P. Scott, Chem. Comm., 2004, 893.

Enantioselective aziridination using copper complexes of biaryl Schiff-bases, K. M. Gillespie, C. J. Sanders, I. Westmoreland and P. Scott, J. Org. Chem., 2002, 67, 3450.

Bidentate carbenoid ester coordination in non-planar ruthenium(II) complexes leading to excellent levels of diastereo- and enantioselectivity in catalytic alkene cyclopropanation, I. J. Munslow, K. M. Gillespie, R. J. Deeth and P. Scott, Chem. Comm., 2001, 1638.

Structural origins of a dramatic variation in catalyst efficiency in enantioselective alkene aziridination: Implications for design of ligands based on chiral biaryldiamines, C. J. Sanders, K. M. Gillespie, D. Bell, and P. Scott, J. Am. Chem Soc., 2000, 122, 7132.

Stabilization of cerium(IV) in the presence of an iodide ligand: Remarkable effects of Lewis acidity on valence state, C. Morton, N. W. Alcock, M. R. Lees, I. J. Munslow, C. J. Sanders, and P. Scott, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1999, 121, 11255.

Complex of dinitrogen with trivalent uranium, P. Roussel and P. Scott, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1998, 120, 1070.

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