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Scott Group Members

Professor Peter SCOTT - bio info, department page, v-card, orcid, researcherID

TBC - Senior Research Fellow

Dr Christopher KAY - Visiting Fellow, Chief Scientific Officer, Interface Polymers.

Dr Paul KERBY- Visiting Fellow, Technologist, Infineum

Dr Anish MISTRY - Research Fellow

Paul GORING - Research Fellow

Connah BURNETT PhD Student

Hualong SONG PhD Student

Shaun MORRIS Research Technician

TBC - Research Assistant

TBC - Resarch Assistant

Miah FRANKLIN - MChem researcher

Miles POSTINGS - MChem researcher


Recent PhD students and Research Fellows

Daniel SIMPSON MOAC PhD Student, now Associate Consultant at Cello Health Consulting.

Tom FLOYD Research Technician, now PhD stduent with Seb Perrier, Warwick

Dr Christopher KAY EPSRC/Infineum PhD student & Post-doctoral Research Fellow, now Chief Scientific Officer, Interface Polymers.

Dr Rebecca A. KANER PhD student & IAS Early Career Fellow, now Research Officer at the Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Robin PFLUGHAUPT Infineum PhD Student (joint with Andrew Dove)

Dr Alan D. FAULKNER EPSRC PhD student

Dr Giles W. THEAKER EPSRC/Infineum PhD Student, EPSRC/Infineum PDRA, now Senior Development Chemist at Celotex

Dr Suzanne E. HOWSON EPSRC PhD student, EPSRC PDRA, now Publishing Editor at RSC Publishing.

Dr Lihong LI Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow

Dr Nikola Paul CHMEL Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow then EPSRC PDRA, now MOAC MSc Director, Warwick.

Cynthia PAUL SEBLI Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation Sarawak Scholar, MSc Student, now Dept. of Basic Science And Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Dr Laura E. N. ALLAN EPSRC Post-doc Research Fellow, then PDRA with Mike Shaver at UPEI.

Dr Jan M. BECKER PhD Student (EPSRC/Innospec) then Post-doc Research Fellow (EPSRC), now with BASF.

Dr Andrew L. GOTT Post-doc Research Fellow (EPSRC) then with Warren Piers at Univ. Calgary, Canada. 

Dr Remy VAN GORKUM Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC) then with Akzo Nobel, Netherlands.

Dr Max L. HAMMOND PhD Student (EPSRC/Institute of Applied Catalysis) now with Curtis+Cartwright Consulting Ltd.

Dr Stuart R. COLES PhD Student (EPSRC/BP/Innovene) now Assistant Professor, WMG

Dr Ian J. MUNSLOW PhD Student (EPSRC) then Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC), now with Perstorp, Sweden.

Dr Colin MORTON PhD Student (EPSRC) then Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC), now Fuels Development Manager at Infineum

Dr Kevin GILLESPIE Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC), now with GlaxoSmithKline

Dr Chris SANDERS PhD Student (EPSRC/GSK) now with GlaxoSmithKline

Dr Paul N. O'SHAUGHNESSY Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC) now with Johnson-Matthey Catalysts

Dr Paul D. KNIGHT PhD Student (EPSRC/BP) then Post-doctoral Research Assistant (EPSRC) now PDRA at Imperial College

Dr Ian WESTMORELAND PhD Student (Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow and SCI Messel Scholar) then PDRA at UC Berkeley, now Scientist at Stanford Research Institute

Dr Edward J. CRUST PhD Student (U of W) now with P-W-C