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Visiting the Scott Group

Extensive travel information including campus map is here. We are all on level 4 of Materials & Analytical Sciences building (MAS). Pete's office is MAS4.01. If in doubt at any time do give Pete a call (024 7652 3238).

If you are coming by train

  • Don't go to Warwick Station - it is nowhere near Warwick University. Coventry is much closer. Leamington Spa is also realistic.
  • If you take cab from Coventry station (10-15 mins, ca £12), ask for the "Library Bridge" on Library Road at Warwick University, then follow instructions below.
  • You can also get buses from Coventry Station, going to University of Warwick, but it can take 35-45 mins.
  • Follow instructions below

If you are coming by car 

  • Have £4.50 in change for parking, or ideally arrange a parking spot with a group member before your visit.
  • The best car park is "15" if you have arranged a spot, to Kirby Corner otherwise, fairly easy to find on the main ring road (near Maths, IMC and big building site on the right hand side of the printable Central Campus map at the above link). Failing that, any car park will do.
  • Walk away from the car park 14 the same way you came in, then when you reach the ring road, turn left towards the metal & glass bridge over the ring road.
  • Walk along the ring road and then up Library Road on the right, then follow instructions below.

On campus

The entrance to Chemistry is under the concrete bridge that goes across Library Road. Go through that entrance and the lift is on the left as you enter a corridor. Take the lift or nearby stairs one level up to floor 2. When you exit the lift or stairs, turn right then left along the Physical Sciences concourse. The entrance to MAS building is eventually on the left after various lecture theatres. Wind your way through via a short flight of stairs. After a kitchen area there is a lift. We're on level 4.